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Tobe Onuoha was born in Nigeria and grew up outside of Philadelphia.  He attended the University of Pittsburgh where he studied Music.  Proficient in the Piano, Drums, and Bass Guitar, Tobe has taught and mentored countless students to be well-versed in musicianship. His unique sound and songwriting makes him sought out in the DMV music community. His mission is to use his skills and talents to build other musicians’ skills and contribute to providing proper atmospheres to events and other productions. 

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Leah Onuoha received degrees in both Theatre Arts and Business Administration while attending the University of Pittsburgh.  She has written, directed and produced an insurmountable number of stage plays and dramatic productions, and continues to do so through TLO Productions.  She loves to produce live and digital (film) media that speaks to the morality of the human soul, and inspires, uplifts, and encourages audiences to live up to their God-given potential. Leah is a proud recent graduate of the Act One Hollywood Screenwriting program and looks forward to opportunities to work in the film industry.

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“We have been in business for over a decade!  Our customers trust their events, their musical learning experiences, and their music production needs to us because we are honest, customer-focused, and we easily adapt to change.  We add value to our customers’ needs and they have confidence in our ability deliver.”

- Tobe and Leah

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